July 2016
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About Me
Professional Creative
I am a highly creative and adaptable individual and I work in a wide range of digital mediums. In the past for clients, I have filmed and edited videos and created computer-animated scenes, taken photographs in a variety of styles, created digital promotional artwork, and designed and maintained websites and their content.

I use my keen eye for detail to lend my varied skill set to whatever needs the client has, and I always ensure that I am happy with the final product.

Personal Artist
Always creating, I love to produce stunning photographs of architecture, landscapes, and people. I write and record music, and on occasion collaborate with other artists. I am also a keen fiction writer, and I enjoy producing manuscripts and screenplays. From time to time I also dust off my easel and dabble with oil painting.
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Audioventures is my latest personal project. We are focused on creating engaging and exciting interactive fiction, with a focus on animated stories, but also as audiobooks and eBooks.